Enhanced Return Path Deliverability Monitoring Suite Empowers Email Marketers with In-Depth Inbox Intelligence

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Increased Visibility into the Key Metrics that Affect Reputation and the Impact of Mobile on Campaigns

New York, NY – April 19, 2011 – Return Path, the world’s leading email certification and reputation monitoring company, today announced the newest release of its Deliverability Monitoring Suite, designed to provide marketers with critical inbox intelligence.  Key enhancements include visibility into which filtering criteria is keeping marketers out of the inbox, where and when customers view emails, and the impact of mobile on campaigns.

“The email inbox is a moving target and Return Path’s enhanced Deliverability Monitoring Suite enables marketers to zero in on their reputation metrics in an entirely new and more actionable way,” said George Bilbrey, President of Return Path. “We’ve completely redesigned Reputation Monitor from the ground up and clients will have the ability to understand and resolve email blocking issues in a way that were never possible before.”

“With the introduction of Campaign Insight and improvements to Campaign Preview, marketers can now pinpoint just how important mobile is to their subscribers and email programs and fix rendering problems before campaigns are deployed,” said Bilbrey.

The latest release of Return path’s Deliverability Monitoring Suite includes a new and improved Reputation Monitor providing first-time filtering intelligence and guides to fixing inbox deliverability, a new product, Campaign Insight, that measures mobile, desktop and email viewership, and an enhanced Campaign Preview with new mobile rendering views.

Reputation Monitor

Reputation Monitor, the industry’s only email reputation management system, uncovers the sending behavior that has the biggest impact on inbox placement. The completely revamped tool now provides first-time visibility into how sender reputation is being calculated and what can be done to fix it.  By breaking down sender reputation into a variety of key metrics, marketers can quickly identify what is affecting ISP inbox placement, and immediately set forth to resolve those issues.

“We’ve redesigned Reputation Monitor based on feedback from our clients about what types of information would be most helpful in solving inbox placement issues quickly,” said Bilbrey. “We now offer information on key metrics affecting deliverability broken down by the top ISPs. We’ve also integrated this data with Mailbox Monitor, our seed-list deliverability monitoring tool, to give clients a deeper understanding of how reputation measures affect whether or not their email makes it to the inbox.”

Campaign Insight

Campaign Insight provides customer-level insight into where emails are being viewed —  desktop, mobile, webmail and browsers, including enhanced visibility into how mobile is impacting campaigns. This in-depth intelligence allows marketers to focus on the devices and platforms that will optimize their subscribers’ experience and maximize response rates.

Campaign Preview

Campaign Preview, which enables marketers to test their campaign creative across multiple platforms before deployment, now provides a total of 76 unique rendering environments including the ability to preview Yahoo!, Hotmail, Gmail, and AOL emails in four different browsers. Expanded capabilities include new mobile rendering views for Android, iPad, iPhone, Symbian, Blackberry, and Windows Mobile 6.5, new rendering engines with  Firefox and Chrome and an upgrade to Internet Explorer 8, as well as the introduction of the Apple Mail desktop email client rendering view.

For additional information on Return Path’s Deliverability Monitoring Suite please visit: http://www.returnpath.net/commercialsender/monitoring/gold/

About Return Path

Return Path makes email work better by scoring and certifying email senders from around the world. We help marketers, publishers and other large-volume email senders increase their response rates by providing the world’s leading inbox deliverability solution. We help mailbox providers and email administrators at ISPs and enterprises block unwelcome and malicious email by providing near real-time IP reputation scores and other data-driven tools. Taken as a whole, these tools and services improve the consumer experience of email by protecting them from spam, phishing and other abuse. Return Path offers free access to Sender Score, the email reputation measure compiled through our cooperative data network of ISPs and other email receivers, at our reputation portal: www.senderscore.org. Information about Return Path can be found at www.returnpath.net.

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