Event: Are You Ready for the Evolution of Email?

Posted by Courtney Finger 

Email still has untapped potential.

With its unique access to customers through a user’s inbox, email allows marketers to send messages directly to individual consumers. This direct access gives marketers the opportunity to build customized connections with users, yet marketers struggle to fully utilize its capabilities.

This challenge can be overcome with the support of artificial intelligence (AI).

As email continues to evolve alongside these constant advances in data and analytics, Return Path has been at the forefront of using this new technology to build products that benefit email marketers. On Tuesday, September 18, stay tuned for an exciting announcement from us centered around how we leverage our unparalleled data and advanced analytics capabilities to solve the problems email marketers face every day—from the most common to the most complex.

In the New York area? Join us at our corporate headquarters on Thursday, September 20, where Return Path CEO Matt Blumberg and Paul Roetzer, creator of the Marketing Artificial Intelligence Institute, discuss the role of data analytics in email marketing and how artificial intelligence can change the game. Reserve your spot here to learn, drink and connect with other email marketers about the evolution of email.

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