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Posted by Melissa Carey 

As an email marketer, you’re constantly striving to create targeted email campaigns to engage your subscribers. One of the more effective tactics available is to target subscribers by their location. Geotargeting allows you to better segment your audience to provide a more personalized experience for your customers. To help marketers get to know their customers, we are launching Geo Email Monitor, a free tool that allows you to track the geolocation and platform that your subscribers are using to open your emails. Download for FREE Now!

Do a large number of your subscribers read email on mobile devices? Do you have “snow birds” on your list that typically move to warmer weather in the winter? Knowing this information allows you to better target and segment your audience, provide a more personalized experience for your customers, and ultimately increase revenue from email.

By simply adding our tracking code to your email campaigns, we can quickly and easily provide deeper insight into your subscriber list so you can improve upon the effectiveness of your email campaigns.

Why Use Geo Email Monitor?

  • Identify where your subscribers are located
  • Customize campaigns and content for certain regions and platforms
  • Choose your delivery times based on time zones
  • Track engagement from a particular location

What’s Included?

Easy-to-use Wizard to add your tracking code

Dashboard view displaying where and how your emails are being opened

Detailed campaign reporting on where and how unique campaigns are being opened


Geo Email Monitor gives marketers important insight, so you can better understand where and how subscribers are reading and interacting with your email.

Ready to add this free tracking code to your next email campaign? Get started now.

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