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Nearly every marketer knows that email deliverability is extremely important. If your emails don’t reach your customers, not only will you make a single sale from the campaign, but you also just wasted a lot of time and effort in creating the campaign in the first place. You’d be better off writing me a check and sending it to my personal address (and I promise I’ll make good use of it!).

But even once you realize the importance of email deliverability, you’ll likely find yourself completely overwhelmed with rules of spam filtering. Google has their own method of filtering email, and the same with Yahoo! and even Microsoft’s (the webmail provider formally known as Hotmail). It’s also difficult to keep track of the services they offer to marketers to help you reach the inbox. After all Gmail, and Yahoo! just want their users – your subscribers – to have a great, safe, and spam-free experience.

To help you cut through the confusion and understand what it takes to reach the inbox, we created the Marketer’s Field Guide to Gmail,, and Yahoo! Based on a series written by Melinda Plemel and Matt Rausenberger, we created the ultimate email deliverability guide for the world’s largest webmail providers (you can read some of the past posts here, here, here, and here.

In the Marketer’s Field Guide for Gmail,, and Yahoo!, you will learn:

  • Which whitelists and which blacklists Gmail, and Yahoo! use
  • Where to sign up for feedback loops and how to get Gmail’s “feedback loop”
  • How subscriber engagement really affects your inbox placement rates
  • And much, much more…

If you enjoy our guide, do the world a favor and share it with your marketing colleagues and friends. The world’s inboxes will be safer and happier for it.

Download the Marketer’s Field Guide to Gmail,, and Yahoo!

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