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Posted by Melinda Plemel 

We are very proud to announce the public release of a new feedback loop service for all BlueTie-hosted domains, including, and Other ISPs including Comcast, Cox, and Mailtrust have implemented feedback loops from Return Path and have seen complaints drop by 20-40%. We expect this feedback loop to result in a similar reduction in spam complaints and increased customer satisfaction. Excite previously offered a feedback loop, but BlueTie decided to outsource this service to Return Path and bring it up to industry standard best practices.

The feedback loop (FBL) service is available free of charge to approved parties sending email to BlueTie-hosted domains and will forward any mail reported as spam originating from the associated IP addresses back to the requested abuse email addresses defined during the FBL registration process.

The feedback loop is now available to the general public and should be especially valuable for helping Commercial Senders, Email Service Providers, and Internet Service Providers to reduce their complaints and subsequently improve their reputations. We encourage you to register for this service at:

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Melinda has been working at Return Path for 9 years and is currently the Senior Industry Advocate and is responsible for managing global partners that join Return Path's Data Exchange program and emerging markets. She is the key to helping and educating Return Path on mailbox providers, anti-spam, and email technology trends, as well as to educating receivers about everything Return Path has to offer.

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