Get Your Ticket to the Inbox [New Guide]

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Email marketing is the leading marketing channel for travel marketers. It allows them to easily reach their globetrotting subscribers and provide targeted, relevant content—wherever they may be.

In fact, on average, travel marketers have been able to reach their subscribers more effectively than the average for other industries.

While the travel industry has seen some success, there is still room to improve. To help travel marketers get their remaining 11 percent of emails into the inbox, we’ve created The Travel Company’s Guide to Email MarketingIn this guide, we will walk you through the state of email marketing for the travel industry including:

  • Inbox placement benchmarks at the top four mailbox providers
  • Which platforms, clients, and devices subscribers are using to read email from travel brands.
  • Campaign specific engagement metric benchmarks
  • Tactics for increasing deliverability and boosting engagement
  • And more!

Read our latest guide to learn the current state of email marketing for the travel industry and discover new tactics for optimizing your own email program.

Looking for more insight? Watch our on-demand webinar—Ticket to the Inbox—where our email experts Laura Christensen and Casey Swanton discuss the new findings and showcase best in class examples and tactics ensure your emails have a safe landing to your subscribers’ inboxes. 

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