Getting Through to AOL Just Got Easier

Posted by Mary Sohn 

That title was probably a bit click-bait-ey because AOL has always had a robust support program for senders, all of which you can access in their recently redesigned Postmaster website. Couple of my go-to favourite links:

  1. Check your IP reputation at AOL
  2. Open a support ticket
  3. Look up detailed information about their bounce codes
  4. Apply for their whitelist, which provides inbox placement and throttling benefits

Now, how has getting through to AOL gotten easier? When AOL agreed to join our Certification program, it became much easier for our Certified clients to get through to AOL since they didn’t have to apply and re-apply to get on the AOL whitelist. Being on our Certification program is equivalent. And the bonus, as of November 29, 2016, is that we are publishing exclusive AOL data for our Certified clients, which include your daily AOL volume and daily AOL complaints.

This means you can track and manage your AOL reputation proactively. Through our program, you can see a daily breakdown of when your complaints are spiking so that you can identify problematic campaigns or list segments so that you can maintain your whitelisted (Certified) status at AOL.

I love data.

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