Good News: Email Is Headed for a Black Hole

Posted by Kevin Kelleher 

Since the Internet was first used for commercial purposes in the early 1990s, email has been the star of marketing. And just as stars across the universe go through lifecycles, so too does email. Today, the medium is heading for collapse, and nothing could be better. Let’s all put on our Neil DeGrasse Tyson hats for a moment and explore why collapse can mean new beginnings and fascinating discoveries.

A brief introduction to astronomy: A star is basically a giant ball of hydrogen, which reacts to produce helium and other elements. Most stars eventually use up all their hydrogen and burn out. However, supermassive stars don’t simply burn out; they collapse, or go supernova. Their entire mass is squished into a tiny point known as a singularity, becoming a black hole. In the process the supernova ends up creating and spewing out a bunch of new elements—everything from iron to uranium!

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