Happy 10th Birthday, Gmail!

Posted by Tom Sather 

April 1st marks the 10th anniversary of Gmail. Not even out of elementary school yet, and Gmail is already the #1 webmail service in the world (and a side note that Hotmail will finally be of legal age to vote this 4th of July). Picture it: March 31, 2004. I was most likely in my Hotmail account deleting emails to stay under the 2MB storage cap. On the next day, Google announced its email service, called Gmail, that offered a gigabyte of storage, no folders, and ads served based on content in received emails. Google fired the first shot in the webmail wars, and 10 years later, they’re winning. To see how much Gmail changed the inbox, check out ExactTarget’s Ode to Gmail where they asked 5 email experts (including me) on Gmail’s past, present, future.

Enjoy these other Gmail-related birthday gifts:

Has Gmail Tabs Impacted Your Email Marketing Results? – Back due to popular demand, our site that tells you if Gmail’s tabbed inbox is hurting – or helping – your subscriber response rates.

The Tabbed Inbox and Consumer Engagement – Our latest report on the impact of Gmail’s tabbed inbox across industries, label categories, and more!

Gmail Featured Image Preview for Grid View – Justin from FreshInbox wrote this handy tool to see how your email will look in Gmail’s new Grid View.

Inbox Optimizer – We at Return Path also announced our latest in our inbox diagnostics tools called Inbox Optimizer. Inbox Optimizer takes the guesswork out of Gmail deliverability issues by looking by analyzing subscriber engagement and over 50 other elements that influence inbox placement rates. Contact us to learn more.

Do you have any other Gmail specific tools or information you can’t live without? Please share them in the comments!

Happy 10th Birthday, Gmail!

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