Happy Sweet 16, Return Path!

Posted by Tom Sather 

Yesterday marked Return Path’s 16th anniversary. Cher’s “Believe” was the number one song that year, and it’s hard to “believe” it’s really been 16 years since Return Path was incorporated. 

Every year at this time, we reflect on this day and look back on our successes. Things change from one year to the next, but one thing remains the same: our success always depends on our customers. We highlight just a few of these customers in our recent ebook, Guardians of the Email Universe, which demonstrates how today’s businesses rely on their real-life “email heroes.” 

In 2015, our focus has been on data, making data useful, and providing meaningful insights through data. A few of our most interesting data points from 2015 include:

  • 2 trillion+ emails analyzed in our data platform
  • 2.7 billion emails monitored for deliverability issues
  • 465 billion messages certified
  • 212 billion emails evaluated for fraud
  • 15 billion fraudulent emails blocked from reaching customers
  • SKU-level purchase data from 5,000 retailers
  • 76 million email receipts parsed
  • Data collected from $4 billion in purchases

For a deeper look inside Return Path, including five key things you should know about us, download our newest ebook: Get to Know Return Path.

Happy Sweet 16, Return Path—and here’s to many more!

(You can also hop on over to CEO Matt Blumberg’s blog to read his thoughts on turning Sweet 16.)

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Email data and deliverability expert Tom Sather has worked with top-tier brands to diagnose and solve inbox placement and sender reputation issues as a strategic consultant with Return Path. As the company’s senior director of research, Tom is a frequent speaker and writer on email marketing trends and technology. His most recent analysis of new inbox applications’ effects on consumer behavior was widely cited across leading business media outlets including the Financial Times, Ad Age, and Media Post.

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