CLUB INBOX – We’re Almost There!

Posted by Mailbox Maven 

The bricks have been laid and the mortar is drying. Now for the décor! We’re putting the finishing touches on CLUB INBOX, but you’re getting a sneak peek. Soon, the club will be open to all marketers who want to ensure their email gets…DELIVERED, SEEN & CLICKED!

Learn what it takes to get delivered to your fans’ inboxes

What you sent may not be what your subscriber sees. Learn how response rates are affected by the way your email looks when it reaches the inbox.

Your emails should drive your fans to action. Find out what it takes to ensure your subscribers remain active and loyal.

We’re so excited that so many of you have shown such an interest in joining our community. Return Path loves to share its expertise and learnings with you, and in CLUB INBOX you can learn, share and discuss email marketing with our experts and other marketers. As your guide through CLUB INBOX, I just can’t wait for you to join the conversation.

Well, I need to get back to choosing the silverware, planning the menus and scheduling the events. Be sure to tell your friends about CLUB INBOX. They can get a sneak peak too by joining early!

See you soon!

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