Help! My Email is Getting Marked as Junk

Posted by Tom Sather 

Please join me for a free joint AMA / Return Path webcast on March 1st at 1:00 PM EST where I will discuss deliverability basics such as the reasons marketers’ emails land in the spam folder, and highlight some tactics that have worked for other marketers like you. If you are already registered, thank you and I look forward to your participation. If not, then I hope you will join me for:

Help! My Email is Getting Marked as Junk

Is your legitimate email ending up in Gmail, Yahoo! or Hotmail junk folders? Most marketers assume when you click “send” on an email, it’s going to arrive at the intended recipient’s inbox. However delivery is not a sure thing. On average more than 20% of opt-in emails never reach your customer’s inbox, but end up instead in a bulk mail, junk or spam folder. That is a lot of customers not getting the emails they signed up for and a lot of missed revenue!

If any of these situations sound familiar – you will want to join this webinar:
• My inbox placement rate just dropped 20 points
• A spam trap was found on my file
• I’m close to the thresholds for complaints at major ISPs

During the webinar you will learn:
• How your sender reputation affects your delivery problems
• The criteria ISP use to determine whether to limit or block your email
• Five common situations most email service providers are not equipped to handle
• Best practices you can implement to repair your reputation and prevent complaints

Thursday, March 1, 2012
Time: 10:00 AM PST /1:00 PM EST/6:00 PM GMT
Duration: 1 hour

Please register for this upcoming AMA/Return Path Webcast here.

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