How Return Path is Showcasing its Email Expertise at Key Industry Events in the UK

Posted by Dan Stone 

As the summer draws to a close, as one of Return Path’s email specialists I am preparing for a busy few months ahead. I am an Email Strategist with a passion for personalization, one-to-one marketing, and deliverability. Through exhibiting and speaking, I will be spending September and October sharing my expertise on email deliverability with industry peers, top brands and, most importantly, our customers.

Here’s an overview of what I have planned in the UK for the rest of 2018:

The Return Path Academy, London, 26th September

This is an exclusive invitation-only customer event at which I will be presenting on a range of topics including:

  • The importance of trust between the sender and recipient in email marketing
  • Seasonal campaign strategy and significance (Halloween, Black Friday, Christmas)
  • Our 2018 Sender Score Benchmark Report, an annual report that provides expert analysis and insights on the impact of reputation on inbox placement for commercial email senders, using comprehensive data from Sender Score and Return Path’s Reputation Network

The Festival of MarketingLondon, 10th-11th October

The Festival of Marketing is a unique experience where ambitious marketers can discover, learn, celebrate and shape the future together. Alongside Priyanka Roy, I will be presenting Jam Sessions on ‘GDPR learnings for email marketers: the good, the bad, and the ugly’. These will entail deep dives into email programmes from leading UK and European brands that will provide unexpected discoveries and actionable conclusions.

At the show, you’ll also be able to catch Guy Hanson, Senior Director of the International Professional Service team, present on ‘GDPR and email marketing: why it was a force for good’ which takes place on Wednesday 10th October at 10.15am on the Personalisation Stage.

For more information and to book sessions follow the link here.

Emarsys RevolutionLondon, 15th-17th October

Emarsys Revolution is a global technology event that connects marketers, leading business decision-makers and cutting-edge technology experts in one venue; what follows are insightful keynotes, marketing vision, and networking.

At the event, Priyanka and I will be presenting on the topic of ‘Customer-centricity in email marketing – the gift that keeps on giving’. This will include exploring how and why the customer experience is key in boosting email performance and the bottom line, and how fostering and maintaining strong relationships with your recipient database can lead to unexpected benefits for your email campaigns.

With these great upcoming opportunities to educate, inspire and network, it’s an exciting time for Return Path in the UK. I look forward to hopefully seeing you at one–or more–of these events!

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Dan is an Email Strategist at Return Path. He has over 10 years’ experience, starting off in the publishing sector before taking the leap into online retail. His passion is in Personalisation, one to one marketing and deliverability. Dan received the IDM award in Email Marketing in 2012. A big music festival fan, you'll find Dan spending most of his summer in a muddy field in and around the English Countryside.

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