The Inbox Experience: 4 Areas of Focus

Posted by Casey Swanton 

The inbox can be a crowded place. Those who sign up to receive promotional messages rarely do so for just a single brand. This can result in a battle for attention among the rank and file within the inbox. While most brands put a lot of thought and effort into crafting subject lines and preheader content, this work is often “checking off boxes” rather than designing an experience within the context of the environment.

Let’s take a moment to consider the audience and their objectives. The inbox experience is often relegated to a triage process, where recipients are making split-second value judgments that determine whether the message is read, saved for later, deleted or flagged as spam. They are searching for value and relevance, but often do not take the time to carefully consider or internalize content. It’s the marketer’s objective to close the gap between the words within the inbox and the value they convey.

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