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In post one of a four part series dedicated to Inbox Insight, My colleague, Martin Tatom, discussed the best way to subject line test with Inbox Insight in the blog entitled, “Looking for Subject Lines that Stand Out? Use Inbox Insight.” In post two, Martin looked into determining the best day to send your campaigns in the blog titled “Weekdays, Weekends, Hump Day? What is The Best Day to Send?”  In post three, I took a deeper dive into the Subscribe Overlap feature of Inbox Insight. In this final post of the series, I will highlight what I believe to be one of the most useful features of Inbox Insight, the Weekly Summary Report.

As a quick reminder, what is Inbox Insight?

Inbox Insight is Return Path’s competitive intelligence tool that allows you to increase subscriber engagement through competitive insights while also having the visibility into engagement data from  real email users from Return Path’s “Consumer Network.” The Consumer Network consists of over 2 million email subscribers who voluntarily agree to exchange their email data in return for services, for example, Shopami. With the data we collect from the Consumer Network and the sending domain of any company, you are now able to see engagement data in the product.

Inbox Insight is the perfect complement to data you already have internally and an additional tool to use when making decisions about your email campaigns.

Weekly Summary Report
The Weekly Summary Report helps you identify the top‐performing promotional strategies of your competitors. Each week, the report highlights competitors’ large promotional campaigns including subject lines, top‐performing creative images, and engagement metrics. You have the ability to select up to five brands (you plus for four competitors or five competitors) that appear in the report. The Weekly Summary Report can be accessed and configured on the Dashboard and is run for the previous week—from Sunday through Saturday. It can also be mailed to you & your co-workers. This is why I believe this feature is so useful—it can be extremely beneficial for co-workers who may not use the tools regularly but are still interested in the data that the tools can provide.


The report summarizes the total number of campaigns and the average read rate, regardless of campaign type and size. It includes the read rates of your competitors, sending frequency, and the distribution of promotional and targeted mail. 




“Average Read Rates” measures the read rate across all campaigns sent from Sunday to Saturday.
Based on the category assigned to the customer, the     industry/category read rates are also displayed. Highlighted in green is the highest read rate among the brands.




“Average Campaigns per Subscriber” is the total number of campaigns sent during the reporting time period divided by the unique subscribers.





“Campaigns Last Week” lists the total number of campaigns sent and includes both large promotional campaigns (those identified using a Return Path algorithm) and Target or Transactional Mail.



The Best Performing Campaigns details the top performing large promotional campaigns sent during the week. In the Status column, New indicates a subject line that was not in the top five from the previous week. Modified indicates a subject line that is approximately 80 percent similar to one that appeared in the previous week. Segments use the same definition as the Inbox Insight application. Percent of list uses the same logic as the Inbox Insight application.


The creative for the top two campaigns are listed following the Best Performing Campaigns metrics.


The Weekly Summary Report provides valuable information in a nice, concise, easy to read format. It not only allows marketers to get detailed information about their programs and how they compare to their competitors but gives them an easily digestible document that can be shared with peers and internal stakeholders. Current Inbox Insight customers already have access to the Weekly Summary Report so login and take a look or contact your Account Manager for more details. Not currently utilizing Inbox Insight to optimize your campaigns and increase your ROI? Reach out you to your Account Manager or Contact Return Path.

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