Is Your Reputation Impacting Your Access to The Inbox? [New Research]

Posted by Patty Atwater 

There are many different elements impacting your access to the inbox. While many marketers have shifted their attention to tracking and responding to subscriber engagement based issues—for good reason—its important to focus on the main hurdle to the inbox: Sender Reputation.

Sender reputation is a big challenge for marketers to navigate as there is no universal measurement. Though the majority of mailbox providers evaluate the same factors, each has their own reputation calculation leading marketers to experience to varying inbox placement at the different mailbox providers.

At Return Path, we’ve created our own scoring system—Sender Score—that evaluates similar reputation criteria that mailbox providers evaluate to give senders a benchmark for how they and their messages are perceived by mailbox providers.

Using our Sender Score measurement, we created the 2018 Sender Score Benchmark, where we take a look at the impact of reputation and Sender Score on email performance, including:

  • The distribution of email volume by Sender Score.
  • The impact of complaints, spam traps, and unknown users on reputation
  • The average inbox placement rate at Microsoft, AOL, Gmail, and Yahoo by Sender Score
  • The average Sender Score and inbox placement rate by industry
  • And more!

To see how your reputation is impacting your ability to access the inbox, look up your own Sender Score for free and then read the report. 




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