Itison Streamlines its Email Program and Improves Deliverability with Help of Return Path

Posted by Nina Bosanko 

Headquartered in Glasgow, Itison is an online deal marketplace that offers exclusive discounts at local businesses and five star brands to more than a million members throughout Scotland and northern England.

With 70 percent of traffic attributed to its daily email campaigns, email is one of the company’s most important channels for customer communication and engagement.

As Itison grew as a company so did its email program, which rapidly began to put pressure on the development team who wrestled with vague deliverability results and high greylisting rates. The email project was proving to be too time-consuming for the team.

These headaches finally resulted in the organisation turning to Return Path for its Certification solution. The company needed to improve its reputation among its target mailbox providers, as well as provide greater insight into deliverability. As part of the Certification process, Itison’s email program underwent a rigorous review of sending practices, infrastructure, and more. Return Path provided recommendations to ensure Itison was following best practices at every step of its email program.

With Return Path Certification, Itison saw a significant reduction in delivery time to Microsoft Outlook and Yahoo inboxes – two of its key targets. Previously, it could take up to 10 minutes for emails to be delivered, particularly when sending large volumes of emails at one time. Now, it takes just seconds. Furthermore, by having the ability to spot problems early on due to the wealth of Certification data now available, Itison is able to experiment more freely with its content and sending strategies.

With Certification under its belt, Itison can now rest assured that its emails will reach subscribers, keeping its partners and subscribers happy.

You can read the full case study here.

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