It’s Friday the 13th and We’re… Scared.

Posted by Brittany Luebke on

It’s Friday the 13th, and though we’re not superstitious, we are a little stitious. Thinking about Fridays, we broke out the calendar and started doing the math to count down until the big dance. No—not a football or basketball game. It’s obviously way more important than that.

We’re talking about Black Friday.

Our worst email marketing nightmares involve Black Friday, botched personalization, copy errors, website downtime, and ESP glitches. It’s enough to keep us up at night. But don’t panic or break out in a cold sweat. Take that energy and prepare! Not counting today, you have 17 more Fridays until D-day.

You can do this! Here are three places to start your preparation. All of them are free, widely applicable, and things we put to use with our own email marketing efforts:

  1. 6 Tips for Seasonal Email Senders
    Casey K. Swanton, Director of Professional Services here at Return Path, offers some housekeeping items for your brand’s off-season
  2. This Year’s Best Black Friday & Cyber Monday Emails
    Our Professional Services team weighed in after Black Friday last year with their favorite emails
  3. Best Practices for List Hygiene
    This article, straight from our Help Center, runs through some ways you can improve your existing list and things you can do moving forward when collecting email addresses

 It might be Friday the 13th today, but your Black Friday doesn’t have to be spooky scary! And—shameless plug—we have an award-winning newsletter that you can sign up for where we share information like this—and more. If you’re not on the list, you should be.

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