UK-based Country Fashion House Joules Achieves Over 99% Inbox Placement thru Certification

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Joules Clothing is a UK based clothing retailer with over 60 locations nationwide and a rapidly expanding ecommerce, catalogue, wholesale and not least international business.

To further the growth of its online business as well as support its international expansion, Joules relies heavily on email marketing as well as social media marketing which in combination are the primary means to drive traffic to Joules’ new website.

With email critical to the success of its growing online business, Joules sought to improve deliverability and gain maximum exposure in the inbox vis-a-vis the growing competition by competitive brands. As such, it needed to ensure ISPs would deliver its emails to the recipients’ inboxes by proving that it was a responsible and reputable email sender. Becoming a Return Path Certified sender thus helped Joules increase not only its inbox placement, but also open rates, which in the same month showed more than 14% more opens overall.

“Becoming Return Path Certified has helped us on more than just one level. Not only do we now have complete confidence that the emails which we spend so much time and effort creating really reach the intended recipient – we also enjoy new benefits such as our email images being automatically displayed. For a business which is making a living by how things look  – this is huge.”
Karen Rawlings, Head of Customer Plannng, Insight and Marketing at Joules

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