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Posted by Desiree Jewell 

We recently highlighted ThreatWave as the latest addition of email intelligence that makes the Return Path Data Cloud the world’s most comprehensive source of data from the email ecosystem.

Pulling from sources such as mailbox providers, security providers, application developers, and everyday email users, this Data Cloud is key to connecting customers, defending against threats, and anticipating changes in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

So what does this mean to email marketers?
Return Path partners with 80+ mailbox and security providers who give us specific data and in return, we provide them with richer data on trusted senders, known sources of abuse, and other insights into the email ecosystem. This data covers 2.5 billion mailboxes and arms our team with data such as SPF/DKIM records, deliverability statistics, IP authentication, spam traps, complaints, and mail logs. The data aggregated from these sources helps marketers better understand the factors impacting their deliverability and inbox placement. Coupled with our email solutions and award winning services team, this allows for real time insight, alerts, and ultimately, the adjustment of your overall email program strategy based these data trends.

Our consumer network data also provides unique insight into actual customers like no other data set in the market. Utilizing  data from 100 apps and counting, representing nearly 2 million email users, this rich behavioral data provides insight into the way real people interact with commercial email. With this increased knowledge of inbox behaviors and consumer preferences, you can use data to get actual insights which help make better business decisions and increase email program ROI.

Lastly, our recent acquisition of ThreatWave adds tens of millions of domains and hundreds of millions of recipient emails. This newest data source provides threat intelligence feeds to the cybersecurity ecosystem, helping providers make the internet safe from spam, phishing, and malware. For senders, ThreatWave data offers marketers and ESPs a new level of insight from the “delivery blackhole” of a vast global trap network, assisting in the root cause of many deliverability issues, sender activities, and potential threats.

This comprehensive, ever-evolving view of email empowers our clients and partners to better understand their programs and make data-informed business decisions. At Return Path, we truly do know email data.

We invite you to explore our data for yourself and discover how this expertise puts you one step ahead of other email marketers.

Download the Return Path Data Cloud Infographic

Download the Return Path Consumer Network Infographic

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