RSA Conference Session Recap – Strange Bedfellows: Security & Marketing Need to Combat Phishing Together

Posted by Chad Elmendorf 

Today at the RSA Conference, one of the security industry’s largest events, Ken Takahashi, General Manager of Return Path’s Anti-Phishing Solutions moderated a panel of industry veterans which included Josh Aberant, Postmaster, Twitter; John Scarrow, GM of Safety Services, Microsoft; Franck Martin, Postmaster, LinkedIn; Jim Routh – Managing Director, Global Head of Application and Mobile Security, JPMorgan Chase & Co.; and Adam Dawes, Product Manager, Google.

Talking to a packed room at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, California, Josh Aberant talked about the growing problem with phishing and of the importance of having the right data at your fingertips.

“We believe phishing is inhibiting our growth. People are trusting email less and less, which is an integral part of the Twitter experience.”

With Email phishing attacks on the rise and hitting hundreds of major brands across nearly every sector of the economy, combating these threats requires a coordinated effort from both security and marketing teams. He also added that having access to the necessary data to take action is a key component.

“You can now get strong levels of forensic data from companies like Return Path – and it’s kind of magical when you turn that on.”

John Scarrow also reiterated the need for actionable data.

 “Without the data, it’s hard to make a decision regarding email governance.”

Today’s panel discussion illustrated the point that security teams bring expertise about cybercrime and threat vectors while marketing often holds the keys to email systems that require new authentication protocols.

“We send two billion emails per year to customers and prospects, 200 million of which are reported as fraudulent.  The marketing folks have realized that our customers are confused by these emails and that has created a poor customer experience” said Jim Routh.

Working in collaboration, these two disparate teams can reach their shared goal to protect their organization and customers from fraudulent and malicious email activity which negatively impacts the company’s brand reputation and lowers potential future revenue streams.


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