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Posted by Kim Poletti 

Yep, you’ve heard right, Return Path has entered the podcast fray. But, don’t expect to hear about our latest products or how you can tweak your email marketing program. No, this podcast will entertain and inspire. We explore ordinary topics and ideas from unconventional angles to bring you insights and inspiration for your work and your life.

Our first two episodes are available now on iTunes! You can download a new episode every month.

Our first episode—Welcome—looks at the greeting “welcome” and explores how welcomes are incorporated into our everyday lives. Welcomes come in many flavors, and you might be surprised at how unconventional they can be. Some welcomes even begin with half-clad warrior men advancing toward you with spears in hand…!

Our second episode—Undo—explores some of the times we wish had an “undo” button in real life. We also explore how organizational memory is undone and what we can do to prevent it. Professor Mark Ackerman, from the University of Michigan, explains the different causes of organizational memory loss, and surprisingly, layoffs are not the only cause.

Join us on iTunes–you’ll laugh, you might cry, and we hope you are always inspired!

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