Mail.Ru Partners with Return Path to Protect Users from Fraud and Spam

Posted by Tom Sather 

Today, Return Path officially welcomes Mail.Ru, whose daily audience ranks it among the top five global mail services, to its Trusted Cooperative Network. Following a cooperation that started in 2012, Mail.Ru has completed the integration of Return Path solutions to bolster its anti-spam and anti-phishing capabilities, enhancing its user experience and safeguarding its network from abusive email.

Together our companies will help to create a safer and more positive environment for email users in Russia and across the globe.

The suite of Return Path products that Mail.Ru has incorporated includes: the Reputation Network Blacklist and the Certified Whitelist to reduce spam; Domain Protect for Mailbox Providers to combat phishing; Outbound Abuse Manager to combat outbound abuse and minimize incidents of compromised accounts; and Postmaster Services Feedback Loop to manage complaint reporting. Additionally Mail.Ru has adopted Return Path’s email analytics products, such as Inbox Monitor and Reputation Monitor, which are usually used by corporate marketers to track their own email infrastructure’s reputation, to manage and assess their user-generated mail traffic in relation to other mailbox providers. Altogether, these solutions provide a comprehensive suite of analytics tools to improve the speed and accuracy of Mail.Ru’s inbox hygiene and free up computing resources to focus on network security and development priorities.

With more than 100 million active accounts, Mail.Ru is Europe’s biggest mailbox provider. The company’s global email footprint strongly influenced its decision to partner with Return Path.

“As one of the largest mailbox providers in the world, we understand that Mail.Ru reaches far beyond Russia.  Return Path’s established role in the global email industry combined with its innovative solutions for mailbox providers were very attractive to us. We engaged Return Path to help analyze and manage the email coming to and from our domains to deliver the best possible experience for users everywhere,” said Anna Artamonova, Vice-President, Head of Email and Portal Business Unit, Mail.Ru Group. “This anti-abuse and anti-fraud technology helps us to ensure that we are doing everything in our power to protect Mail.Ru users and recipients from increasingly complex spam and phishing threats.”

By partnering with Mail.Ru, Return Path will expand its Trusted Cooperative Network, gaining deeper insight into worldwide inbox placement, email abuse, phishing attacks, and subscriber engagement.  The company will continue to use this insight to help mailbox providers and senders ensure that consumers receive only messages they want, to find and stop email fraud, and to help marketers understand what their customers want and how to matter more to them.

Mail.Ru is one of the most innovative mailbox providers in the world and our partnership highlights their dedication to ensuring the productivity of their users and their collaboration with the larger global community to keep email safe.  It is worth mentioning that Mail.Ru was quick to adopt DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance), the de-facto technical specification for enforcing email authentication and reporting on phishing attempts, as soon as the specification was made public by its founding community, of which Return Path is a member of.  To truly fight spam and phishing we recognize that it must be done on a global scale, and are very enthused by Mail.Ru’s speed and collaborative execution. 

Return Path currently works with thousands of prominent brands and mailbox providers in 30 countries around the world, including global companies like Yahoo!, Google, Microsoft, helping to safely deliver email to more than 2.5 billion inboxes. With its expansion into Russia, Return Path extends its coverage to the biggest internet market in Europe, and the sixth-largest in the world.

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