Moving to a New ESP Doesn’t Have to Be So Hard (Just Ask Tommy Bahama)

Posted by Henry Gutierrez 

Building an ESP relationship that meets evolving business needs can be a challenge. Some email marketers wait too long to switch, sometimes long after their priorities have shifted. They don’t need to.

Tommy Bahama, the island-inspired lifestyle brand, found itself in exactly that position. Its marketing team had developed a high-performing email program and invested in building a great email reputation, but they saw an opportunity for a better fit with a new ESP. Maintaining its reputation and the benefits it carried was the brand’s concern about switching.

Methodical planning and attention to detail led Tommy Bahama through a seamless transition that was almost stress-free for its team and invisible to its customers. Find out how they did it in our latest client success story.

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Henry is an Email Strategist for Return Path's Professional Service team. His current role includes executing client-specific projects to maximize ROI and deliverability. Overall, he has worked in the email industry for almost 12 years, with experience both as an analyst for an ESP and on AOL's postmaster team.

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