Multichannel Can Mean Multimedia

Posted by Bonnie Malone 

Day 2 of the Email Insider Summit kicked off with the charming and very knowledgeable Arthur Middleton Hughes. He brought spunk to the often less-engaging topic of Lifetime Value and reminded us of the heft that numbers can pull in internal battles for executive attention and budget. It also set a fitting upbeat tone for the subsequent sessions of the day, which covered multi-channel integration from a few different angles:

Facebook – Crocs shared their unique strategy with the Insiders for leveraging Facebook as part of their overall communication plan. Focusing efforts on areas like acquisition allows the company to cross-pollinate their email file with active social followers, and send very targeted campaigns to each segment. This has resulted in some fascinating results – including the discovery that subscribers who are also engaged with facebook spend an average of 25% more with the company (!).

Television – Admittedly, at first agenda glance, this looked like a misfit of a topic in the overall purpose of the conference. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was, in fact, highly relevant. Even though we don’t typically consider television as part of the direct marketing mix, it is a key media outlet for many business models. So why not integrate it into our email programs? Warner Music and Universal both participated in this panel session, and provided examples of their unique perspective. By using television programming to prompt website visits and online behaviors (like polling), the entire television experience becomes interactive – and their audience becomes a primed group of prospects for their email file.
So, my key takeaways from the second day of EIS were both surprising and inspiring:

  • Don’t forget the impact of the numbers – Arthur Miller Hughes’ talk was motivation to dig deep in analysis again, and challenge the historically accepted reach of email in seek of what’s actually being impacted.
  • All channels can drive email engagement – email can effectively integrate with online and offline channels to provide a whole new interactive experience. Whether it’s tapping into the viral power of facebook or real-time mindshare with a television audience – email is still innovative and interesting! What outlets of your company’s media, branding, and outreach strategy are untapped for email? And, how can you carve out new paths to engagement with your subscriber-base?

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