New Case Study: What do you do when you don’t know what to do?

Posted by Bonnie Malone 

Think about when you were a child – it was nearly summer break and you couldn’t wait to go to the pool! You were looking forward to spending countless hours splashing around with friends and the freedom of being out of school. There was just one problem: you didn’t know how to swim. So, what did you do? Did you dive right in and hope for the best? Or, did you sign up for lessons with a swim instructor?

When it comes to email marketing, many companies dive in head first, only to realize after the fact that email is much more complex than clicking the “send” button. The smartest companies, like CIG, look to industry experts for strategy advice and education on email basics and best practices before they put the first toe in the water.

Return Path’s Response Consulting team had the great pleasure of working with CIG recently to strategize and launch a brand new email marketing effort centered around the company’s new loyalty program, The Protector Network. Because of CIG’s steadfast eagerness to leverage the channel well – both for their business success and for their customer’s experience – success of the new program was immediate. Read about it here.

Whether you are a new or established mailer, take a few minutes to read the case study, re-evaluate your approach, and see what nuggets you may be able to apply to improve the performance of your business.

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