New Research: How Does Sender Score Affect Deliverability?

Posted by Patty Atwater 

One of the biggest blocks to the inbox is a mailer’s reputation. Senders with good reputations receive easier access to the inbox, while those with poor reputations find themselvesand their messagesshut out.

But how do you know your reputationand more importantlyhow much value do mailbox providers actually place on it?

One way to discover your reputation and understand how it is affecting your deliverability is to look up your Sender Score and measure it against our 2016 Sender Score Benchmark Report. Sender Score uses similar data and formulas to top mailbox providers when they evaluate the reputation of incoming mail. So, it can give an accurate prediction of how your mail is perceived.

In our latest report we walk marketers through:

  • The breakdown of the Sender Score landscape
  • How the reputation landscape has changed year over year
  • How different negative reputation metrics impact your score
  • Deliverability by Sender Score at Microsoft, Gmail, AOL, and Yahoo!

Before you begin, look up your Sender Score from our free service to understand how your mail is perceived by mailbox providers.

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