NEW RESEARCH STUDY: Email Trends Are Shifting–Are Your Messages Following?

Posted by Tom Sather 

Today we released the second installment of our global report: “Mobile, Webmail, Desktops: Where Are We Viewing Email Now?” The study sheds light on the impact mobile is having on email viewership and unveils some interesting findings.

Did you know?
• The use of iPad for viewing emails skyrocketed with a 73% increase in email opens
• Email opens on mobile devices grew 34% compared with the previous six month period
• Monday is the worst day of the week for mobile email viewership

Email is more relevant than ever before as consumption continues to grow on more platforms. Email is everywhere you want your message to be so marketers should be adept at knowing how and when people read email on their mobile devices and when they don’t. In order to better predict open times and level of engagement, especially with a growing and shifting audience, there is no substitute to having real time and specific data on subscribers.

We compiled six months’ worth of data from more than 200 different clients across more than 400 million data points via our Campaign Insights tool. Campaign Insights tracks which platforms and email clients subscribers use to read email.

Want to learn more? You can download the full report here.

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