New Research: The Consequences of Phishing for Marketers

Posted by Estelle Derouet 

Marketers know that protecting consumer trust in email is critical to driving revenue for the business. They also know that email fraud jeopardizes this trust.

According to a recent Return Path survey, a staggering 91 percent of marketers said they believed fraudulent emails spoofing the brand would impact the effectiveness of their legitimate email.

The problem? Most aren’t doing enough to fight back.

In our new ebook, Phishing: The Cost of Doing Nothing for Marketers, we explore the detrimental impact of consumer phishing for marketers, the consequences of continued inaction, and actionable steps for fighting back.

You can review the key findings from our research in the infographic below. Get your copy of the ebook to find out how you can protect your customers, your brand, and your marketing ROI.


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Estelle Derouet is Vice President of Marketing, Email Fraud Protection at Return Path. In her role, Estelle leads a fabulously talented team of experienced B2B marketers, tasked with driving awareness and generating demand. Prior to joining Return Path in 2010, Estelle led the EMEA and APAC marketing function at enterprise mobility provider iPass for eight years. Follow her on Twitter @ederouet.

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