[New Webinar] Using Sender Score Reputation to Access the Inbox

Posted by Patty Atwater 

Mailbox providers are very selective about what they let in the inbox. Every email they receive undergoes strict filtering to ensure the message is safe, legitimate, and wanted by their users. One of the main factors that mailbox providers analyze is the incoming sender’s reputation which is an evaluation of the sender’s past sending practices.

At Return Path, we’ve built our own reputation calculation—Sender Score—that evaluates the same elements mailbox providers measure to give marketers an indication of how their program and messages are being perceived.

In our recent webinar—Using Sender Score Reputation to Access the InboxHenry Gutierrez and Chace Barber discuss how to build and maintain a high sender reputation in order to access the inbox. watch the on-demand webinar to learn:

  • How sender reputation impacts your inbox placement
  • What elements impact your sender reputation, Sender Score, and deliverability
  • Tactics to build a strong Sender Score to reach the inbox
  • And more!

Before you watch, remember to look up your free Sender Score.

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