New Webinars – EMEA & APAC: Brand Protection – Whose Problem is it Anyway?

Posted by Guy Hanson 

On 17th June for EMEA and 18th June for APAC, I will be presenting alongside my colleague Robert Holmes at our webinars ‘Brand Protection – Whose Problem is it Anyway?’ We’ll examine brand protection and anti-phishing from the perspectives of the marketing and IT security teams, the issues that should be considered and the potential impact for both departments of not having adequate measures in place to mitigate the risks.

Through my role as a Consultant here at Return Path, I work closely with e-marketers and speak to clients regularly about the drivers and concerns that they contend with. As a marketer, your brand is your most valuable asset. One fraudulent attack upon your customers can have a dramatic, negative impact on brand reputation and equity, bringing long lasting damage to top-line revenues.

My colleague, Robert Holmes, Head of Operations, Anti-Phishing Solutions will examine the issues that steer the IT team in relation to brand protection. As a security team member, the financial implications of phishing against your brand are a very real risk. Fraud investigations, remediation and reimbursement of lost revenues can all have a significant impact on the bottom line.

Join the webinars to hear Robert and me discussing where corporate responsibility for phishing and protecting the organisation’s brand really lies. Register for the event in your timezone – for the EMEA event click here, or for the APAC event click here.

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