Nonprofit Email Deliverability—A Resource Rundown & A Sweet Webinar Coming Up!

Posted by Samantha McGuin 

No matter how long you’ve been running your email campaigns, the last few years have brought about a whirlwind of change that require even the most seasoned emailers to take notice and take deliberate steps to ensure your messages get through. Blackbaud has spent the past year educating and enabling our nonprofit clients about how to navigate this new world of email deliverability, where just because you send to an email address that’s been in your house file for 10 years doesn’t mean that your email will be delivered.  Whether that email address has become a recycled spam trap or so many people marked your emails as spam that Gmail has just stopped sending your emails altogether, managing email campaigns is both art and science.

For nonprofits who need to reach a wide audience in order to fund their missions and make the world a better place, getting that email into inboxes is critically important. To help you tweak your email campaigns for success, check out the following great posts and attend our joint webinar with Return Path this Thursday.

Gmail Propels Us into a New Age of Email Deliverability
Like it or not, email deliverability landscape is constantly changing to better serve mailbox consumers—and requires all mass emailers to re-think how we manage our email files and how we engage our base.

Deliverability Danger — Watch Out for SPAM Traps!
What’s the difference between recycled and pristine spam traps —and how can they be avoided?

There Are Consequences to Spam Complaints — Really!
Ever wondered what an acceptable spam complaint rate looks like? Here we dig in and offer tips to get fewer complaints.

Keep Your Email List Healthy By Fixing Tpyos
Yes, the typo is deliberate. Whether it’s caused by a simple mistype, a bot, or someone providing a fake email, typos hurt the overall health of your email list. Here are some strategies to manage them.

Authentication is Essential to Email Deliverability
Discover how authenticating your identity as a sender can help your sender reputation.

Want more practical tips on landing your emails? We’re thrilled to co-present with ReturnPath on email deliverability best practices for nonprofits – come join us!

Landing Your Emails: Tips for Email Deliverability
Blackbaud + Return Path
Thursday, March 1, 2018 | 2:00 p.m. ET

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