Optimizing Your Email Program: Creative Concepts

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As outlined in the first part of our creative optimization series, a well-executed and designed email is one of the most important components in engaging subscribers and strengthening their relationship with your brand. In this second part of the series, we’ll focus on important concepts to keep in mind when designing the content of your messages.

Actionable and interactive: Give your subscribers as many opportunities as possible to engage with your message by using multiple call-to-action links and buttons within the email. Use calls to action verbiage that is short, compelling, and actionable and test out the inclusion of interactive content such as polls or videos as an additional way to engage subscribers.

This example from TripAdvisor highlights the use of multiple calls to actions as well as poll questions, giving the subscriber even more reasons to engage with the message.



Value to the reader: Most people see an influx of marketing message in their inbox on a daily basis, so in order to stand out from the competition, your message needs to be relevant and provide value to the subscriber. Lack of relevancy is one of the main reasons for subscriber dissatisfaction, which can negatively impact email performance, so it’s important to customize messages to specific subscriber interests and behaviors.

Banana Republic understands the importance of relevancy when targeting subscribers. As the example below highlights, they segment their list by gender in order to provide relevant content that is going to interest the individual subscriber:



Content sharing and social media:  Allowing your subscribers to easily share different pieces of your email content within their social network can help strengthen the subscriber relationship and is also a great way for you to create additional exposure and excitement for your brand.

This example from Tasting Table shows a seamless approach to incorporating social sharing into the message by including two very visible areas that encourage subscribers to share their content via email and several social networks.



Next, stay tuned for the third and final part of our series, focusing on the importance of designing email templates with your audience in mind.

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