Who is The Mailbox Maven Anyway?

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You’ve seen my name on the weekly emails and you’ll continue to see my name all over the club. So who am I? I am your guide to getting IN.

As your personal image consultant, my mission is to turn you into an email rockstar so your email program can go platinum! To go platinum, you need an active and loyal fan base, and to get that you need a team of experts to give you the right advice at the right time. No fear! You came to the right place. As your personal image consultant, you can…

Leverage my connections! I have a direct line to Return Path’s team of over 180 experts dedicated to solving email deliverability problems. This is what they do every day for thousands of clients, and they can do it for you. We’ll even bring out the specialists too to help answer some of your most challenging problems.

Mingle with Like-Minded Marketers! Learn from your peers in an environment that thrives on sharing and discovery.

Attend the Right Events! As an expert at planning events people care about, I’ll make sure you have an event calendar that is replete with topics that matter to marketers that want to connect with their subscribers.

As our community grows, my hope is that you will never be at a loss for information on how to get your emails delivered, seen & clicked. If you are, tell me so I can go and get it for you!

Welcome to the club!

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