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Posted by Matt Blumberg 

Matt Blumberg
By Matt Blumberg
CEO & Chairman

As I’ve been saying these days, our primary goal here at Return Path is to make the email channel safe for legitimate use by consumers, commercial senders and Internet Service Providers. That is why we set out to revamp our Sender reputation portal. Sender provides everyone (senders AND receivers of email) with access to their Sender Score.

We invented the Sender Score reputation measure which gives nearly every IP on the planet a score based on the metrics that distinguish legitimate email from spam: volume, complaint rates, unknown user rates, infrastructure, spam trap hits and content. Scores are based on data contributed by ISPs and other receivers of large volume email.

By using Return Path’s Sender Score reputation measure and blacklist information compiled through our cooperative reputation network, there is now a level playing field for all email senders to have access to data that ISPs and other email receivers can use to determine whether to accept or reject email.

Not only does the site have an improved design and navigation, we now offer more tools and resources along with a refined registration process. We encourage you to visit frequently to register for information, take advantage of the new tools on the site and keep tabs on your Sender Score as it can change with every deployment.

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Matt Blumberg founded Return Path in 1999 because he believed the world needed email to work better. Matt is passionate about enhancing the online relationship between email subscribers and marketers so that both sides of the equation benefit. It is with great pride that he has watched this initial creation grow to a company of more than 400 employees with the market leading brand, innovative products, and the email industry’s most renowned experts. Before Return Path, Matt ran marketing, product management, and the internet group for MovieFone, Inc. (later acquired by AOL). Prior to that he served as an associate with private equity firm General Atlantic Partners and was a consultant with Mercer Management Consulting. He holds a B.A. from Princeton University. You can learn much more about Matt by reading his email marketing and entrepreneurship blog Only Once – one of the first CEO blogs on the Internet. Last year he wrote a book, Startup CEO: A Field Guide to Scaling Up Your Business.

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