Questions About Gmail? Ask The Experts in Our Upcoming Webinar!

Posted by Lauren Harris 

We know Gmail is always top of mind for email marketers. Usually making up a majority of a subscriber list, it is crucial your emails reach this segment of your audience. But Gmail can be tricky and we’ve heard several questions on this topic including:

  • How does Gmail Tabs impact my inbox placement and overall performance?
  • How can I optimize the subscriber experience at Gmail?
  • How can I get the best possible ROI from my Gmail subscribers?

Watch our on-demand webinar Ask the Experts: All About Gmail to hear a Return Path panel of email experts walk you through these tough Gmail questions (and more!). 

During this session, we will also be reviewing our latest research—The Email Marketer’s Guide to Gmail Categorieswhere we take an in-depth look at how users are interacting with Gmail tabs today and how usage has changed since launch.

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