Ramping Up Email Volume Without Risk [New Case Study]

Posted by Lauren Harris 

Growth is a business goal nearly every organization hopes to accomplish on a continual basis. However, with this positive growth comes associated hurdles and complications, especially in the world of email marketing.

DonorsChoose.org, a non-profit organization connecting millions of teachers and donors on a daily basis, found themselves in this exact scenario. As the business began to expand, the organization wanted to get ahead of any potential deliverability issues related to sending more email. To do so, DonorsChoose.org reached out to Return Path to learn more about their Certification program.

“As we grow, and our email volume increases, we’re at a greater risk for upsetting spam filters. Not to mention the ever-evolving landscape of deliverability. We knew that we needed an expert like Return Path to ensure we were getting in the inbox.” — Charles Best, Founder and CEO

After being added to the industry’s most recognized and valued certified whitelist, DonorsChoose.org improved to a 99 percent inbox placement rate at Yahoo and 100 percent at Microsoft. 

To learn more about DonorsChoose.org and how Certification helped them ensure teachers get the materials they need for the classroom, read our latest customer success story here.

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