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Posted by Rafael Viana 

Dear Mr. Subscriber,

First and foremost, don’t worry about calling me Mr. Spammer, no offense taken. I would like to apologize for the late response, after we received your message we have been busy.

The message you sent us in June, outlining some of our weaknesses and exposing your true disatisfaction with our email marketing strategy—made us mobilize our entire team to work on most of what was pointed out by you, and we deeply thank you for that. So, let me update you with some of what we have done since.

To start, we now have a dedicated team just for email marketing. We recognized this channel is capable of generating revenue, in fact, we have identified that email is capable of generating 3800% of ROI, not just because of the costs, but it’s efficiency in generating awareness and revenue.

Our new email marketing team started to work at the very first contact point with our subscribers, at our signup forms, this means at every form where we request our visitor’s email address. Allowing us to properly set expectations, grow our list, not just in number, but in quality. With this new strategy, we are not just disclosing how and what messages will be sent, but it’s entirely up to the visitor to give us the permission to send, as it should have always been.

We’ve also improved our mailing tactics. For instance, we now send a welcome message series, focused on welcoming and highlighting what the new subscriber needs to know from our website and our email program, providing all the information needed for a great experience. With this improvement, we have more engaged subscribers as it helps build a stronger relationship.

As for improving our message content, we recognize that it’s important to send more relevant, personalized emails, but it’s also difficult to do this properly. Until we get there, we are segmenting better, sending more interactive content and making use of contextual content based on the reader’s location and time of open, all to create a reason for readers, such as yourself, to interact with what we are offering, as we are trying to bring something of value to you.

Mr. Subscriber, we know that this might not be enough, sometimes people will get tired of getting many messages, and to tell you the truth, we’d rather part ways with love than with a grudge. We’ve learned that in the long run, losing subscribers is something that costs money, but it’s much better to focus our efforts on getting new subscribers.

As you can see, we’ve been busy, and we have you to thank you, without your feedback we would never have improved our deliverability, our engagement rates, and most importantly, our subscribers’ overall satisfaction on what we have to offer as valuable content. Hopefully, you will reconsider and move our messages back to the inbox, to ensure that future messages sent to you will be delivered to the inbox.


Mr. Email Marketer (previously known as Mr. Spammer)

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