Reach the Inbox at Gmail,, and Yahoo

Posted by Patty Atwater 

Gmail,, and Yahoo Mail have each developed unique spam filtering formulas to deliver the email their users want and protect them from malicious messages. However, these filters also end up blocking messages from legitimate marketers. On average, 20 percent of permission based email never reaches its intended destination—the inbox.

To reach the inboxes of the Gmail, Outlook and Yahoo users, it’s essential for marketers to have a thorough understanding of each mailbox provider. In the Marketer’s Field Guide to Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo!, we’ll clear up misunderstandings about the different rules of deliverability, and help senders understand what it takes to reach inboxes at the top three mailbox providers.

Read the guide to discover:

  • How the world’s largest mailbox providers filter spam.
  • Different inbox productivity features and how they can affect your email marketing campaigns.
  • Which services each webmail provider has for marketers and how to sign-up for each one.
  • What Gmail,, and Yahoo require for authentication, DNS, and more.
  • Which mailbox provider has public whitelists and which ones use accreditation services.
  • And more!
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