Return Path customer McDonalds triumphs at DMA Awards!

Posted by Guy Hanson 

On 26 October, in a blog post I announced a number of Return Path customers had been shortlisted for the Best Use of Email category for the upcoming DMA Awards.

The awards ceremony took place on 4 December and it gives me great pleasure to share the news that one of these customers – McDonald’s – won gold in the Best Use of Email Category.

Well done to everyone involved in the McDonalds Monopoly Wiiiin! email campaign which saw the first email in the series announcing the promotion, establishing the rules, ways of pay, listed some of the prizes and included a free code for the online game (all while promoting their latest burgers and desserts!) using compelling creative and some lovely touches like animation. The rest of the series continued in this fashion, encouraging participation by highlighting the prizes available and visualizing the number of prizes already won using a lovely animated map of Britain filling up with winners. The series ended with an email offering one final chance at a prize, in exchange for a survey soliciting feedback on the promotion.

This was a highly successful email campaign. We can see from Return Path’s hidden metrics data that average Read rates were around 1/10 higher than McDonald’s 2018 benchmark, and around 1/5 higher than the industry standard. This is no mean feat, particularly because this campaign ran from March to May, right during the frenetic run-up to GDPR!

One inbuilt advantage McDonald’s has is the great deliverability it gets from being Return Path Certified – their average inbox placement rates are close to 100%. This is significantly higher than the UK benchmark, and really helps in maximizing the impact of the great work McDonald’s email team has been doing!

Would you like to follow in the footsteps of McDonald’s? A good place to start is here. Then, who knows – maybe it will be your program taking Gold in 2019!

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