Return Path Helps Render its Emails Correctly to Deliver to Worldwide Advocates

Posted by Nina Bosanko operates the world’s largest online platform for hosting sponsored campaigns through petitions facilitated by the general public. Using its online platform as a conduit for social change, millions of people are working with decision makers to create change at a local, national, and global level. uses email to connect each petition to over 180 million advocates around the world. From alerts about a new petition and updates on an ongoing cause to a last minute call for additional support, every email is crucial. To ensure that its advocates receive and can immediately act on each message, the organization needed a way to ensure that its emails would reach inboxes seamlessly and coherently.

The organization was faced with two issues with its email program: deliverability and rendering. Deeper insight into where its email was being delivered was needed, however, simply reaching the inbox was not enough for the online platform. With advocates globally, it also needed to ensure that emails would open perfectly, regardless of which of the many international email platforms its advocates used.

As such, asked for Return Path’s help in tackling these challenges, resulting in two integral solutions being rolled out to its email campaigns. Using Inbox Preview, the organization was able to confirm the layout of each campaign on multiple devices and web browsers before hitting send. Now, no matter which browser, platform, or device an advocate uses, every message opens flawlessly, highlighting important causes in need of support.

By using Return Path’s Inbox Monitor to analyze the journey of each email, from send to delivery, also identified if and when its messages were sent to the spam folder. This visibility enabled to increase its campaign sends each month, while maintaining its strong deliverability–connecting each cause to more supporters.

Find out more about’s success in our latest case study.

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