Return Path Helps Ding Eliminate Gmail Deliverability Issues Through Valuable Inbox Monitor Insights

Posted by Nina Bosanko 

Ding is the number one international top-up network for mobile phones. Keeping people connected since 2006, the company delivers a top-up every second of every day, helping over four billion families and friends across 130 countries stay connected.

Email is the company’s largest communication channel for returning customers, with nearly 500,000 emails sent on a weekly basis. These include promotional emails from third parties, welcome emails for new subscribers and incentive emails to retain subscribers that are in danger of unsubscribing.

Wanting to increase the number of returning customers each month and migrate existing customers from the website to the app, Ding relied heavily on the success of its email campaigns to achieve this. However, the marketing team was struggling to gain visibility into email performance. With access to basic metrics alone, the company was aware that it had low inbox placement and high spam scores – particularly with Gmail inboxes – but had no further insight into email deliverability.

Consequently, Ding selected Return Path’s Inbox Monitor to improve the company’s reputation with mailbox providers and provide visibility into email performance. What’s more, with Return Path’s Inbox Monitor solution, Ding’s marketing team was able to gain more visibility into their deliverability with mailbox providers globally, including, most importantly, Gmail.

Return Path’s tools and services has given Ding full and immediate visibility into inbox placement, helping the company determine what type of content and segmentation generates the highest engagement levels. Ding noticed an increase in its email engagement after a couple of months with Return Path – from a baseline of 23 percent to 37 percent in open rates, and from 25 percent to 48 percent in click rates. Additionally, Gmail spam rates shot down from 64 percent to 2.3 percent.

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