Return Path Helps Vente-privee Maintain Deliverability During Email Migration

Posted by Gabriel Gastaud 

Flash sales have introduced an alternative way to purchase luxury goods across multiple industries, including fashion, gastronomy, and travel, to name a few. With heavy reliance on email marketing to notify members of the precise second, a sale goes live, ensuring the email infrastructure is up to date is critical to meeting sales targets.

Vente-privee, the French leader and pioneer of the flash sale model, understands with 40 percent of sales coming directly from emails sent to their customers, an updated email infrastructure would help maintain their international growth and still offer an optimal experience to customers.

Vente-privee faced a challenge with the recent uptick in new IP addresses negatively impacting inbox placement due to stricter inbox filtering rules being applied by providers. To help make a smoother transition, Vente-privee consulted Return Path’s deliverability experts.

Collaborating closely with the Vente-privee team, Return Path developed a bespoke migration plan to help them follow the best practices set by the email service provider. By closely monitoring deliverability, engagement, alerts, and complaints, Return Path helped Vente-privee anticipate any potential deliverability and reputation issue and avoid lasting impact on the business.

To read the full case study of Return Path’s work with Vente-privee and a full picture of the outcome, click here.

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