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At Return Path we are passionate about email and we work hard to make email better for everyone. With that goal in mind, we are very pleased to be sponsoring the Lone Star Ruby Conference Hackathon in Austin, Texas on Saturday, August 11th into Sunday August 12th!

What does that have to do with email? Well, the hackathon theme is communications. The goal is to bring together developers who can build cool new tools that help lighten the crushing load that our many pings and notifications bring to our lives.

If you are a programmer in Austin you should definitely consider joining (register here). You will get to see API demos, enjoy free food and drink, and have a chance to meet a bunch of like-minded folks. And, of course, you’ll have an opportunity to create something amazing overnight. We anticipate a lot of Ruby developers, but this is open to anyone developing in any language. And there will be, including a MacBook Pro Retina Display and a Thunderbolt Display! Some impressive local judges will be in the house Sunday afternoon to judge your hacks.

Sign up now:

Oh, and be sure to come back here and leave us a comment telling us what you made!

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