Return Path Has Interns! Meet Engineering Intern Zoe Nacol

Posted by Clifford Chi 

Next up in our intern spotlight series is Zoe Nacol. She’s a Software Engineering Intern for the Consumer Insight team in Broomfield, Colorado!

Tell us a little about yourself! zoe_nacol
Born in Houston, Texas, I moved to Golden, Colorado, to attend Colorado School of Mines in 2013. In December 2016, I will graduate with a Bachelors in Computer Science and minor in Business. My dog, Dave, lives with my family in Houston (who I would love to bring up to live with me!)

What made you want to intern at Return Path?
I learned about Return Path when they visited my school’s career fair. Talking to representatives, I really enjoyed the overall dynamics of the company, including the teams and Hackathons.

What are your main projects at Return Path?
My projects depend on the day. They can include writing scripts to maintain or clean a database and creating monitors to watch our systems.

What do you enjoy the most about being an intern at Return Path?
Working on a small, like-minded team truly offers a glance into the software engineering world. I know several fellow Computer Science students who worked almost completely on their own during their internships, which isn’t as fulfilling as working on a team of professional engineers.

When you’re not working, what can you be found doing in Colorado?
I’m usually hiking, cooking elaborate meals, teaching at a STEM camp for K-12 girls, or skydiving at Mile Hi.

What is your spirit animal?
Turtles are my spirit animal. They get to travel the world’s oceans and see many beautiful creatures and sights. Traveling and scuba diving are two of my passions that I rarely get to experience, while Turtles do on a daily basis.

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