Return Path Has Interns! Meet UX Design Intern Vishnu Mahendran

Posted by Clifford Chi 

Yes, we know Email Genius Academy is over. But that doesn’t mean we still can’t talk about our interns. Can you blame us? We miss them!

Plus, we have one more intern to introduce to you.

Meet Vishnu Mahendran. He’s a User Experience Design Intern on the Email Optimization team in Broomfield, CO!

Tell us a little about yourself! Vishnu
I hail from Coimbatore, a district from southern India. I am currently specializing in Human Computer Interaction at the University of Michigan. I have an undergraduate degree in Computer Science. My favorite activity would be watching a really good movie, as you experience a range of emotions in a short span of time. Other than that, I love to travel and experience new things.

What made you want to intern at Return Path?
I had never even heard of Return Path and applied just by chance. It was not until I spoke to Cathy (HR) and Travis (Design Recruiter), who explained the opportunities at Return Path, that I was really excited about the company.
What are your main projects at Return Path?
I work on the Email Optimization side of things. I have been re-designing the experience around task details, system alerts, and most recently, with reputation monitor as part of the “Next-Gen” experience.

What do you enjoy the most about being an intern at Return Path?
The people (cliched response). The fact that everybody around me is nice and smarter than me means that I can grow a lot.
When you’re not working, what can you be found doing in Colorado?
Cooking, enjoying the sun, and experiencing the rain.
What is your spirit animal?
Well according to ““, my spirit animal is a crow. Not sure why.  According to the Chinese zodiac, I am a rooster; but if I had to choose I would be a giant panda: warm, cuddly, and carefree.
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