Return Path Hosts NCWIT Pacesetters Roundtable on Recruiting Women into Tech

Posted by Cathy Hawley 

Boulder, CO – Why are American businesses and universities struggling to attract and keep talented women in technology roles?

On Thursday and Friday, November 7-8, Return Path is co-hosting a roundtable with prominent organizations from all over the country to discuss exactly that: How we can convince more women to pursue and develop careers in computing. We’re all members of the National Center for Women & Information Technology’s (NCWIT) Pacesetters program, searching for ways to strengthen our talent pools and do more to retain women on our IT teams.

This is important, not just for departments and business units that teach and develop technology, but to all organizations that rely on it, which as NCWIT CEO and co-founder Lucy Saunders points out, includes more or less every one of us.

“Technology informs all aspects of modern society,” Sanders says. “By providing research and tools to support these organizations in their efforts to increase the number of women in computing, we are helping to enhance innovation through the valuable contributions that diverse perspectives bring.”

Our discussions this week can help us identify better ways to recruit women into the tech sector, to build careers, become leaders, and ultimately strengthen all of our organizations. Yours, too, which is why we’d love to get more input and participation from around the industry. Please consider getting involved with NCWIT. Go to to find out how you can stay informed on key issues or join with other organizations to develop IT talent and build stronger teams by including more women in technology focused roles.

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