It’s Cleanup Time: Return Path’s New List Verification Offering

Posted by Jennifer Cheng 

Maintaining a healthy and clean list is synonymous to having a successful email program. Every marketer should be practicing list hygiene. This means actively managing your mailing list so you can identify and remove old, abandoned, or invalid email addresses. If you’re sending to a high number of unknown users, spam traps, or inactive subscribers, this is indicative of poor list hygiene and list quality. In the eyes of the mailbox providers, your reputation is tarnished because you now look more like a spammer than a legitimate sender. In order to protect their end users, mailbox providers will filter your messages to the junk folder or block them entirely.

Now, do you really want to be in that predicament? Absolutely not. So what can you do to ensure you are sending to a high quality list and that your emails are being delivered? It’s called a list verification service and Return Path is excited to announce our partnership with list verification vendor, BriteVerify. Through our partnership, Return Path now offers Real-Time Email Validation so you can validate your subscribers’ email addresses and be confident you are sending to actual subscribers.  Real-Time Email Validation checks if the email is valid without actually sending an email to the account.


We recommend keeping your unknown user rate below 2% to achieve high inbox placement. Unknown user rates exceeding 10% will likely cause deliverability issues. When your messages aren’t being delivered or seen by your subscribers, you can expect ROI to decline.

By identifying invalid addresses in your list before you send your emails, a list verification service like Real-Time Email Validation promotes and supports list hygiene. A squeaky clean list translates to fewer bounces, followed by an improved sender reputation, which results in more emails being delivered to the inbox. And when more emails are getting to the inbox and in front of your subscribers’ eyes, the more you are able to convert. Contact your Relationship Manager to learn more about how Real-Time Email Validation can help clean up your list and improve your overall email program.

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