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Mobile email usage increases, webmail usage decreases according to a recent comScore study. Users aged 12 – 17 saw the biggest decline – a drop of 24% in webmail usage, whereas people aged 55 – 64 saw an increase by 16%. This makes sense as younger people are more attached to their mobiles, and those between 12 and 17 aren’t yet in the “real world” and probably don’t have the need for email like us older kids do. Daily usage grew an amazing 40% thanks to mobile and people having email access at all times. As smartphones like the iPhone and Android explode in 2011, the need to have a mobile marketing plan and ensuring your content renders well in most mobile email clients is now a necessity and not a “nice to have.”

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If you thought creating a mobile marketing plan was difficult, IBM predicts that cell phones will be capable of displaying holograms in 5 years. Will we all be talking about how holographic email videos generate a higher response rate on emails in 5 years? Need help developing your hologram-in-email plan? Return Path can help….just see us in 2016. What are your long predictions for the email marketing universe?

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Sticking with the mobile theme, mobile payments in America made a huge leap with Starbucks allowing customers to pay for their lattes with their mobile phone. However, the industry is moving towards Near Field Communications (NFC) which allows for chips in cell phones to communicate with other devices like retail point of sale systems. Mobile users can add information to their NFC like URLs or email addresses, which will make email acquisition much easier and much more accurate for marketers anywhere from retail sites to conference events.

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Cisco just released their 2010 Annual Security Report that showed that for the first time ever, we saw an annual decline in spam. This is due to a number of things, but one reason is the takedown of high profile botnets. Another reason is that spammers and phishers are moving to social and mobile platforms, and with smartphone users (notably iPhone users) more likely to fall for a phishing email, it’s even more important for marketers to protect their brands as mobile usage increases.

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