Sign Me Up! Gets Updated

Posted by Matt Blumberg 

As many readers of this blog know, Return Path wrote a book last year titled Sign Me Up! Our intention was to help marketers at all levels think through how they could best use email to build their businesses and increase revenue and give them a bunch of practical tips they could implement across a number of critical elements of their email programs.

This year, our publisher iUniverse gave us an opportunity to update the book and give us some additional marketing support, which will hopefully culminate in placement of the book in your nearest Barnes & Noble location. iUniverse is actually publishing the book, as opposed to us self-publishing, which means our content has passed some sort of editorial muster. New York Times bestseller list, look out!

The best part of publishing a revised edition is that we took the opportunity to add in some great new and more current information that can benefit all email marketers.

First of all, we substantially updated our Preface to reflect new thoughts on the “New Media Deal.” As the original preface explained, the “Old Media Deal” was that consumers agreed to give bits of their attention (by viewing advertisements) in exchange for interesting content (television programs, magazine and newspaper articles). In the “New Media Deal” we suggested that today’s consumers are willing to exchange bits of personal information (birthday, favorite sports teams, address) to get something of value (discounts, real-time box scores, free samples). In this new edition, we expand that idea to include the “We Media Deal” – the concept that consumers are now taking charge of media themselves in the form of blogs, podcasts, tagging and more.

The implications for marketers are profound. As customers get more involved with the production of media, they also become more discerning about all the media they consume. Including your email! The bar is getting raised ever higher.

We also added or updated the following:

  1. Welcome messages: Why they are important and how to make the best use of them.
  2. Image blocking: What it is and how to deal with it.
  3. Authentication: Actions to take to comply with ISP authentication standards
  4. Child Protection Laws: Basic overview of this new flavor of email legislation, plus updates on existing legislation.

And, as if that all weren’t enough, we completely overhauled and expanded our testing chapter to reflect new techniques and strategies based on experience we’ve had with clients in the time since the first edition was published.

In the updating spirit, we’ve included the new Welcome message excerpt on our book website. Enjoy it, and if you’re interested in purchasing the new edition of Sign Me Up!, click here.

So now we’re contemplating a sequel. Is there an email marketing topic that you’d like to see covered in greater depth? Email us and let us know what’s on your mind.

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